The d10 Core System

The d10 Core System – An incomplete but cohesive guide to basic character creation for the d10 Core System, which will be updated over time.  The Google Doc for the Visceroth Cluster specifically can be viewed here.

The d10 System is a storytelling game, not unlike Dungeons & Dragons, Numenera, GURPS, or World of Darkness, in that it has mechanics in place for creating characters and telling stories with those characters.  The guides are meant to not only help Creators and Players learn the basic mechanics, but also provide resources and inspiration for stories and characters by offering settings and reference materials.  I’m still working on typing up everything and making things as clear and simple as possible, and a major thing I’m trying to consider as I revise things is the idea of this as a storytelling system, and how that affects the mechanics I’ve already imagined.  My end goal is to design a system and offer settings which allows creators and players to tell stories together and have fun doing so – and I’m trying to make sure the d10 System does what it can to add to that experience without detracting from it.  As I’ve revised and written more, I’ve tried to add thoughts and offer suggestions as to ways to implement various mechanics, and even suggestions of when not to use certain mechanics, or how not to use them.

The d10 System was something I created because I didn’t have something to tell a zombie-apocalypse story with my friends, and I used my experiences with a few other systems to work from.  Like many other systems it uses die rolls to help determine success or failure for important attempts, and factors such as the characters Attributes and Skills improve the odds of success.  At this current stage of development, none of iterations of the d10 system feature levels or classes, and instead a character improves by deciding more directly how the experiences they’ve had helped them grow.  The system can be arranged into a more level based system and I may eventually explore what that would look like in depth, such as a guide offering a few class-based or level-based structures as well as insight into creating such a structure for yourself.  Most of all, I’d like the d10 System to have enough structure and ideas to offer others the ability to write tell own stories without having to create all of this from scratch, yet still encourage people to rewrite what they want to in hopes of better telling the experience they’d like to offer.

The Visceroth Cluster is a Science-Fiction setting designed for the d10 System, and takes place in a group of star-systems located far away in the universe, and some time in the future after humans have sent seed ships to distant galaxies.  Some planets required terraforming, but some harbored life, including several intelligent species that humans have had to learn to live with.  I created this setting because I enjoy the genre of science-fiction and various space operas, and wanted to have a setting to tell stories of that nature.  From the start I wanted to stay much closer to science-fiction than science-fantasy, though it wasn’t a distinction I was fully aware of at the time.  There are some things I struggle with due to that, such as planets that are dominated largely by a single biome, alien species that are vaguely humanoid, travelling faster than light – things that are rather common in science-fiction when I think about it though.  If you’d like to tell a story which sees adventures across a variety of planets with aliens, nano-tech powers, cybernetics, space combat; that’s what the Visceroth Cluster is intended to hold.

z10: Apocalypse and z10: Aftermath is both a version of d10 meant to tell “zombie” apocalypse stories, and the setting of the Stonebridge Residents stories in the city of Stonebridge. The Infected draw from a variety of zombie-type games and stories, and I also offer some notes for thinking about how you want to use zombies or infected in your story. There are a variety of extra mechanics and systems offered as well, to help you decide what type of survival story you’d like to tell. Are they just moving from place to place, or do they have a safe house? Is it more horror, or more survival? How will they interact with other Survivors, or are there any other Survivors?

The Wilderlands setting is meant for a more fantasy-driven story using the d10 System, with a world filled with larger-than-life monsters and heroes wielding powerful energy to perform feats of might and keep the Homelands safe. Characters are Wielders, people capable of tapping into Spirit Energy making them capable of standing a chance against massive beasts. Wielders are expected to join the Guard and defend their assigned territory against the various creatures that inhabit the over-sized world. The flora and fauna are infused with the energy of the world, and skilled crafters can create equipment that carries this energy with it.