Rolling The Die: Thoughts on RPG Results and Rules

Main Thought: It shouldn’t take more than 5 seconds to determine the result of a die-roll in a table-top rpg.  I don’t mean that you as a player should be faster necessarily, but rather if the mechanics are so complicated that each roll requires a discussion or opening a book, it’s usually a sign that there’s … More Rolling The Die: Thoughts on RPG Results and Rules

Projects Underway

Exciting news! Kind of, I guess?  So over the course of almost a decade, I’ve dreamt up a variety of ideas, stories, characters, and all sorts of things.  It’s easy for me to forget, until I come across a drawer or box filled with papers to remind me of just how much of my time … More Projects Underway

Hoping Spring Stays

This picture went unfinished for some two years almost, and it’s starting to feel that way about spring this year in Wisconsin – so I’m hoping that finishing the picture means Spring will stick around for more than a couple days this time.