Character Sketches – Wilderlands Guards

One of the settings for the d10 Storytelling System is the Wilderlands, an over-sized world with giant beasts.  Those born with the ability to wield special energy to perform feats of might and magic must use those powers to protect their homes in this grim setting.

I’ve been working on putting together the rules and mechanics into documents that I can share, and one of the things I want to add to these documents is pictures for some of the skills, abilities and creatures.  I’ve created a few character concepts with the system, and much like my others there are something like “default” characters that I plan to use for such pictures.  I find it also helps me draw things the more familiar I am with it.

Aiuna, sometimes known as Mouse, is a character I designed for myself to play should I have the opportunity, and she has an iteration in each of the d10 Settings.  A quiet scout, she prefers to stay back in the shadows and attack from afar.


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