Character Share – Mouse

Both to share a character and help me work with my materials, I’d like to share a bit about the character of Mouse, a concept character who appears in the Visceroth Cluster as well as Wilderlands.  As a gamer myself, even when I’m creating stories for table-top games it’s hard for me not to create some character “for myself”, at least in concept.  Mouse is one such character, an aloof and quiet scout whose small presence makes her hard to notice.

The story saw the players beginning their journey working for Marhill Mercenary Company, and Mouse was a character to help fill out their team.  Mouse isn’t terribly established at the start of the story, but progresses along with the players both in experience as well as her character, changing from a reserved scout to a quiet assassin.  Her role in the story and the team at its core was to be a sideline character, only being as present as need be, and this was an additional reason/benefit to the idea of her being generally aloof and quiet.Mouse_closeup

She grew up on the crowded planet of Vrox, cities packed with people and drones continuously humming about and constant activity.  She spent much of her time watching things around her, observing the smaller parts of the sprawling cities as her boredom with her life grew.  Much like the drones that keep things running smoothly, most of the people living there acted nearly as automated, oblivious to things around them as the mindlessly follow their schedules and AI’s.

Mouse_NoticeSkillFrustrated and lacking sight of anything she was passionate about, she left Vrox as soon as she could to the space station of Port, a hub between the star systems in the Cluster, and as such offers a wealth of opportunity and directions to go.  It wasn’t long before she found her way to mercenary work, something that seemed to offer excitement without needing a some clear path in the moment.  She signed up with Marhill Mercenary Company, and her quiet demeanor and small presence got her the nickname “Mouse”.

By the time she joins the players, Mouse has been a mercenary for a little over a year(in Terran Equivalency) and is working on improving her gear for long-range combat and reconnaissance.  During the story she provides support for the players most often through her talents as a scout and a sniper, though as she becomes more experienced she also spends time training herself in close-quarters combat and infiltration.  While usually silent, Mouse will occasionally add a small input to a discussion or situation if she feels it necessary.

I really like the character in general and find the core concept to be applicable to most settings, and so as I was thinking up NPC Guards for Wilderlands, it seemed natural to me to reapply the character to that setting as well.  A ranged stealth character who uses a heavy crossbow, her observant nature helps her to learn about the various beasts and make critical decisions of when and where to attack.

Scan_20180425 - Copy

That’s about all I can think to share at the moment, but this was a good opportunity for me to think about the character and ideas to continue her development, both in design and story.

Thanks for stopping by,

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