Revisiting Design Choices

The Echoes Saga has been with me for about a decade now, and the story has slowly grown and evolved over time.  There are a variety of design choices and thoughts I had about direction and theme-ing of the story, some of which I’ve drifted further away from; some because I couldn’t find a way to have it fit the characters and the story, and some because I am simply less interested in the choice as I once was.

Bec changed a lot from her more original design, both from how she might express her abilities to her actual appearance/design.  There was a time that I thought maybe action and fighting would have a strong presence in the story, and it is one of the major things that I’ve found myself moving away from.  Bec’s design changed a lot when I was playing with this idea, and a large amount of her concept art includes a weapon, which I’ve struggled to understand for the character.  There are choices that have become a part of Bec for me and parts of the story that relate to some of these choices, so it’s been difficult to approach for me.


Scan_20161203 (6)

One of Bec’s hobbies or perhaps interests is dance, and before the death of her parents she took dance lessons, which was somethingv2_BecFullFire01 important between her and her mother.  This becomes important beyond a deeper view of the character, because dance is to Bec what art is to Kelly – and has always been a consideration for a method for her to channel spirit energy.  I’ve avoided changing Bec for some time, and the decision to explore her without a weapon was rewarding for me in that it made me realize dance is likely the way to go.  I wanted to draw her consumed by her inner fire, and this was the result.


Honestly though, it will be a while before the story reaches Bec so we’ll see what changes happen before that 😉

Trot On Everypony

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